Marvels of Milan

Day 1:We left Santa Lucia station of Venice early morning by Trenitalia superfast train.We reached Stazione Centrale in Milan after about two and a half hours.The facade of the railway station in Milan was the impressive of the lot we saw in Italy and had a character. We thought our hotel was near the railway … More Marvels of Milan

Vintage Venice

Day 1:  We left the Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station in the morning by Trenitalia train for Venice(Venezia Santa Lucia railway station). Be wary and get down at the correct station and not the similar sounding one ( Vicenza)just before just as did. We had opted for a hotel in the mail island and … More Vintage Venice

Italy essentials

1.Carry an umbrella  We were in Italy in October. Some kindly soul told us to carry an umbrella . We carried only one between me and my wife. We should have carried two.And since you tend to walk a lot in Rome, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa(these are places where it rained during our trip), … More Italy essentials

Our itinerary 

Picture top: A collage of entrance tickets of various attractions of Italy artistically made by my wife I think the thumb rule to follow while planning a trip to Italy is to allot maximum days to Rome, and as you go up to Florence, Venice and Milan, pack more warm clothes but shed one day … More Our itinerary